Immediately following the Championship game (8/6/2016), the Closing Ceremonies begin with  the parade of teams, including the umpires.  The Final two teams will be introduced and brought to the field last.  After thank yous to all for their participation, the Sportsman Award will be presented.  Following this award,  the “Penny Ceremony” will be commence as players mingle around the field and say their good byes to all their new friends.

Penny Ceremony;
Each Player will be given several pennies  – The pennies represents each of the teams travels to the tournament and the new friends they have made along the way.  Love and friendship that each hand the penny  has touched is then shared with someone who has made a special impact this week as everyone exchanges pennies. Each person’s responsibility is to share the magic penny with as many people as possible.  Following this, music is played as the players mingle, take pictures, and say their Goodbye’s to their new friends.