The Opening Ceremonies are a very exciting time with music, dignitaries, and a lot of comradery! The University of Washington Pep Band entertains the crowds with pre-ceremony music and plays the National Anthem during the ceremony.

At noon, the opening ceremonies begin with  the parade of teams, which includes the Men in Blue – the umpires (AKA the 11th Team).

The tournament committee is introduced and we welcome our sponsors who provide the financial support that makes this tournament possible.

We often welcome our very own Little Leaguer (From District 9 Redmond West) University of Washington Head Coach, Heather Tarr and city of Kirkland officials to the field to say welcoming words.

The Opening Ceremonies First Pitch has one catcher from each team  (with mask) to catch a ceremonial first pitch from a dignitary…

The ceremony concludes with Music by the Husky Pep Band and Dancing in the outfield.